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This page is still under-construction

this page will be designed to help you with

Freestar and Allstar commands


*1 = With the connected node number will disconnect that selected node

*71 = Will Disconnect all connected nodes from the repeater

*73 = Will list all the current open connections with the repeater

*80 = Will force morse ID

*81 = Will tell you the current time

*3 (+ Node number) is the command to connect to a Allstar node

*33 (+ Node number) is the command to connect to a Echolink node
This has to be padded out so the node number is 6 Digits e.g. Node 1234 has to be 001234
so you put into the DTMF *33 001234
Most Echolink node numbers are already 6 Digits long e.g. Node 123456
so you wont need to pad it out with 0's (Zero's)

XRF005A = *3 2200

XRF044B = *3 27370

Below is the status of the currently active ALLSTAR Nodes Linked to GB3NU.


To view the status of the FREE STAR* active gateways see FreeStar Site for more information

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