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Welcome to M6EMT page


~ Locator JOĜ2PT ~ CQ Zone 14 ~ ITU Zone 27 ~IOTA EU-005 ~ WAB TG23 ~ WAB Book No. 18919 ~

Thanks for the Look up, (QSL / QSO CARDS WELCOME)

Please Check out My other Callsign MM6EMT for when im /P in Scotland

My name is Kevin. QTH Banningham North Norfolk UK

I do quite alot of things outside of work such as :-
Norfolk Lowland Search & Rescue - Search Technician
Ambulance Service First Responder
First aid Instructor
Computer network engineer (which involves DX wireless equipment on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz up towers..)

Im origionally from North Uist in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland (IO67)
I am Baby no. 10 in district 251 on the island EU-010

I regularly listen to S20, GB3NU (which is based at my fathers),
GB3NB (VHF) also monitor GB7NB
Im QRVon 4m on 70.500 mhz & 70.475 mhz

APRSSSID M6EMT-9 (Using TinyTrak 4 and Motorola MC Micro DATA)

Interests include: Repeaters, PMR (449/446), VHF / UHF / HF DX, homebrew antennas and rigs, SSTV also Digital SSTV (DSSTV) / Datamodes and QRP

I Hunt for SES (Special Event Stations) - SOTA (Summits on the Air) Stations and DXpedition's

In my CarI have (on loan from my father) a IC-2820 D-star box for mobile
Also I have a FT-857 with DSP2 Filter and Colins SSB YF-122s Filterfor HF Mobile (QRV Most Bands)

I use a Motorola LCS 2000 for 4 Metres
I operate HF using a FT-897and VHF/UHF using a IC-2820 at home

As pictured below from the top:- (Some of the items in my shack/office)
Icom IC-2820 - VHF/UHF + D-STAR
Motorolla LCS 2000 - 70 mhz (4m)
Yaesu FT-897 - HF/6m/VHF/UHF SSB

MFJ-949E - Deluxe Versa TunerII (2)

Licence First Issued - 31st March 2009
RSGB Member since 25th May 2009
WAB Member (With Book Number)
IOTA Member
BDXG Member #037
NARC Member
EPC Member #07675
DMC Member #03538
Echolink node463551

QSL / QSOcards welcome

Next step is to get my 2E0 licence this year (2011)in thenext month (February / March)
and then my M0 sometime after that..

73's speak soon


Additional info:
Long: 52.49.38N &Lat: 1.17.15E

~ Locator JOĜ2PT ~ CQ Zone 14 ~ ITU Zone 27 ~IOTA EU-005 ~ WAB TG23 ~ WAB Book No. 18919 ~


Me (M6EMT) and Dad (Barry G8SAU) at Barford Rally 2010

Bittern DX Group http://www.bittern-dxers.org.uk/
Local Repeater http://www.gb3nu.co.uk/
Norfolk Amateur Radio Club (NARC) http://www.norfolkamateurradio.org/index.php
Norfolk Lowland Search & Rescue http://www.norlsar.org.uk/

LZ3HILow Cost-High QualityQSL Card Printing http://www.lz3hi.com/


My Father G8SAU
My Mother M6RMT




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